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George Washington Law School

Coaches Training Institute

Jessica Hernandez is a certified executive coach and former attorney who partners with her clients to move beyond obstacles to a more fulfilling place in their lives. By using a systematic approach grounded in momentum and accountability, Jessica helps her clients to feel more satisfied both professionally and personally. 

As Jessica became a seasoned corporate attorney, she realized the areas that energized her most were those that focused on relationships and connecting – networking both in and out of the profession, teaching and mentoring junior attorneys, and supporting clients through crises.

In 2008, Jessica found a way to capitalize upon these strengths by transitioning into attorney professional development, allowing her to support lawyers through the rigors of the profession. She first served as career advisor at Georgetown Law, and then moved to an attorney development position in-house at a major law firm in 2010. As a result, Jessica is experienced in a broad range of professional development issues, including career counseling, coaching, performance management, career progression, professional and substantive training, and the advancement of women in the profession. 


Jessica’s goal as a coach is to help her clients find clarity on decisions, tap into their unrealized potential for growth, or take their next personal or professional step with confidence.

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