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Our Approach:  What Employers Need to Know


Meeting Employer Goals

We partner with employers to understand their culture and goals. With open communication, we help employers to:

  • maintain solid relationships with exiting employees leaving as "friends of the firm"

  • enhance business development networks as a result

  • foster a strong reputation for treating employees well


Bespoke Service and Solutions

Working hand-in-hand with our career coach ensures that each individual is met where they are and guides them on their career path and makes room for emotional processing.

Individuals also receive on-line access to the Client Portal on Law Career Center, which contains:

  • our proprietary career development model

  • access to self-assessment tools, resources, and job search materials guidance.


Two Heads are Better than One

While each client works with one of our two coaches, the coaches have regular meetings to go over each client's progress and needs. We work together to make sure that all possibilities are explored and all job search materials have been reviewed by both of our experts.

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