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In these trying times, Law Career Center is proud of our work in helping attorneys and other legal specialists find new positions after termination from their firms or when their firms are supporting them through voluntary transitions. While almost every new engagement has started with worry and fear about the current state of the job market during the pandemic, we are pleased to report that more than three-fourths of our engagements have resulted in exciting new positions within 3-6 months for the attorneys and other legal personnel whom we have helped. More importantly, we have also helped each of them process the emotional aspects of their transition, allowing them to start off in their new roles feeling stronger and more self-aware, with a game plan for success.

Testimonials from attorneys who have agreed to share about their experiences in working with us:

“Working with Jessica [N.] was life-changing! She is incredibly skilled at what she does. She provides individualized attention to each client.


Jessica helped me navigate a career transition, providing me with emotional and moral support, encouragement, and assistance in resume writing, interviewing, networking and so much more.


I just got a job offer in my field of choice, and I owe it all to Jessica! She will forever be my friend, colleague, and advisor!


She encouraged me even when I felt incredibly discouraged and provided wisdom when I was losing hope.


Work with Jessica. Change your career trajectory.”


  •  Mid-Level Associate at AmLaw 100 Firm 

“I wasn't sure what to expect from an outplacement consultant, I thought they might help with my resume, or provide advice on how to apply for jobs.  


Jessica [H.] did that, but she also did so much more.  She was very helpful with preparing with interviews, how to respond to certain questions, how to phrase things and position myself and -- very importantly -- she provided me with much needed honest feedback about things like my interview answers, what firms think when interviewers say certain things, what my expectations of a firm should be, negotiating offers, and handling recruiters. 


Her advice is practical, pragmatic, and useful.  She was sympathetic and understood what I was going through while keeping me focused on positive action rather than wallowing. 


Having to search for a new position can be a demoralizing, isolating experience, and Jessica helped me understand why I should not be demoralized, and let me share my journey with someone who really knew what I was going through. I highly recommend working with Jessica.”


  •  IP Partner at AmLaw 100 Firm

Representative COVID Job Search Successes (4/1/2020 - 3/31/2021)

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